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Responsible citizens want fair treatment to conserve and have choices on trash collection. Let’s make Bloomington better!

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We Need Responsible Choices

One Size May Not Fit All

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The City Council's single hauler plans undermine Bloomington in 3 major ways!

Less Flexibility for Families

Bloomington residents who care about the environment and use less waste want the option to have a smaller hauling cadence or use a collection service that is more efficient.

The proposal by Bloomington’s City Council would make it less flexible for families who want to be better stewards of their waste. These proposals claim to help streamline operations. This is not reality.

They stop families from having a legitimate choice to use less waste and choose a trash collection company that serves them best.

Hurts the Voices of those not in Power

The city continues to implement policies that no one has had a say in. From multi-housing communities to homes of those at risk, they have limited the choices of not only the most vulnerable among us – but all of us.

A city should allow its people the choice to make the best decision that suits their family and their community.

In this era of COVID-19, it is critical that families are able to choose the garbage collection options that best suit them and serve them. By stringently enforcing a one-size-fits all policy that people had no say in, the city has hurt those on fixed income and vulnerable populations who may not produce as much waste.

Hurts Choices

We believe citizens should have choices, over their own agency, their own property, and their own services. We trust the people of Bloomington to make the best choice for their children and households!

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About Our Organization

Your Choice Bloomington is a citizen-led initiative to advocate for safe, responsible trash collection services in Bloomington and beyond. With active participants throughout Bloomington, we wish to see people get the choices they want in collection, allow those who waste less to have the flexibility of their own service, and ultimately foster a safer, more-effective Bloomington!

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